3.4: February 18-21

Volunteer Opportunities

Time to add some Italian kale and Swiss rainbow chard to the aquaponics

Time to add some Italian kale and Swiss rainbow chard to the aquaponic system.

Important Dates:
2.28 Garden work party 3:00-5:00 p.m.
3.5  Field Trip- Arlene Schnitzer, Portland Youth Philharmonic (11:30), Depart Winterhaven at 10:45, Transportation by Tri-met
4.8 Field trip: Japanese Garden, Depart 9:30, return 11:30 (drivers wanted)
4.23 Fourth/Fifth Grade Musical: Ring Out the Bells of Freedom, 6:30 p.m. 

This week in…
• Working with Pascal’s Triangle
• Green Team- Math measurement project: Winterhaven
1. determining waste (Systems concept: leverage)
2. measuring waste (Systems tool: BOTG’s)
3. reducing waste (increasing efficiency; ladder of inference)


Johnny Tremain
Chapter 1: Up And About
Chapter 2: The Pride of Your Power

Whole Class Socratic Seminar (Ice-berg Thinking)
Text: Watershed Wisdom of the Beaver- Toby Hemenway
Connection Circle Group Presentations

Read plant biographies aloud to class continued. Must have two student signatures

Permaculture- food forest garden
• Hedge row community: Plant 15 salad plants between evergreen huckleberries.
• Assign garden boxes to each group, zone 1 plantings only
• Continue work on path

• dialog: see Japanese page
• Kanji 21-30   校    山   四