3.6: March 3-7

Nice Letter to the fifth graders from Winterhaven’s garden coordinator Cindy Hayford
Thanks for your help today, we were able to move over 7 tons of compost! Can you believe that? It’s amazing. And I wanted to say, every time I work with your 5th graders, I am constantly amazed at their work ethic and dedication. Two of them even stayed behind and insisted on organizing tools and cleaning up. Our kids have been around gardening their entire lives yet roll their eyes at the mere suggestion of working on the vegetable beds at home. I can tell you bring genuine enthusiasm and excitement to your classroom, and it’s infectious! Just wanted to say thanks for all you do, we wouldn’t be able to do it without your energy.
Hope you have a restful weekend! 

Volunteer Opportunities

Happy 110th Birthday Dr. Seuss

Happy 110th Birthday Dr. Seuss

Important Dates:
3.3  Read Across America to Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s 110th Birthday
3.5  Field Trip- Arlene Schnitzer, Portland Youth Philharmonic
 Transportation by Tri-met. Depart at 10:52 BUS 19 to Gateway. Return at 1:09 BUS 19 to Mount Scott.
3.19 Two hour late start, school begins at 10:45 (tardy bell)
3.24-3.28 Spring Break
4.7 OAKS Testing: Math, 1:30-3:00
4.15 OAKS testing: Reading, 1:30-3:00
4.8 Field trip: Japanese Garden, Depart 9:30, return 11:30 (drivers wanted)
4.11 No school- End go quarter teacher planning day
4.16 Two hour late start, school begins at 10:45 (tardy bell)
4.23 Fourth/Fifth Grade Musical: Ring Out the Bells of Freedom, 6:30 p.m.
5.6 OAKS testing: Science, 1:30-3:00

This week in…

Dialogs 1-4: see Japanese pages 1-4 below or pink handout
• Kaiwa
• Kanji 41-50   正         川
Fractions, decimals, and percentages
• equivalent fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers
• decimal grids
• fraction decimal equivalents
Socratic Seminar: Declaration of Independence

Core Values of the Socratic seminar reviewed:
“Socratic questioning recognizes that questions, not answers, are the driving force in thinking. Socratic seminars explore ideas, values, and issues drawn from readings or art works chosen for their richness. They also provide a forum to expand participants’ familiarity with works drawn from many cultural sources. Leaders help participants to make sense of a text and of their own thinking by asking questions about reasoning, evidence, connections, examples, and other aspects of sound thinking. A good seminar is more devoted to making meaning than to mastering information. Seminars strengthen participants’ learning by getting them actively engaged in rigorous critical thought. Practical activities are always followed by periods of reflection and discussion about what has been experienced. The goal here is to allow learners to create a community of inquiry for the purpose of making meaning cooperatively” (Raider).

Johnny Tremain
Chapter 2: The Pride of Your Power
Chapter 3: An Earth of Brass
Chapter 4: The Rising Eye
Chapter 5: The Boston Observer

Ring Out The Bells of Freedom Script PDF

• Read 2039 stories aloud to class
• Prepare/revise in computer lab for reading of “2039”

Video: Beaver
Concepts: Keystone species, Trends in Europe equals environmental collapse in North America, interdependence, ecological diversity equals stability

Permaculture- food forest garden
• perennial vegetables for food forest
• Zone 1 annual vegetable plantings for cafeteria
• plant inventory
• companion planting check
• continue work on path and boarders (aesthetics)
• determining next steps