3.7: March 10-14

Portland Nursery (Ideas for garden design to increase productivity)


Espalier- can be use to conserve space, or as a beautiful and edible fence.

Volunteer Opportunities

Important Dates:
3.19 Two hour late start, school begins at 10:45 (tardy bell)
3.24-3.28 Spring Break
4.7 OAKS Testing: Math, 1:30-3:00
4.8 Field trip: Japanese Garden, Depart 9:30, return 11:30 (drivers wanted)
4.11 No school- End go quarter teacher planning day
4.15 OAKS testing: Reading, 1:30-3:00
4.16 Two hour late start, school begins at 10:45 (tardy bell)
4.23 Fourth/Fifth Grade Musical: Ring Out the Bells of Freedom, 6:30 p.m.
5.6 OAKS testing: Science, 1:30-3:00

This week in…

Dialogs 1-4: see Japanese pages 1-4 below or pink handout
• Kaiwa
new dialogues:

• Kanji 51-60
Fractions, decimals, and percentages
decimal and Fraction Equivalencies
adding and subtracting decimals
• multiplying and dividing fractions
• adding fractions, common denominators
• celebration of Pi Day this Friday
Socratic Seminar: Declaration of Independence
Native American History-
• Plains Indians
• Three Sisters Guild


Johnny Tremain
Chapter 2: The Pride of Your Power
Chapter 3: An Earth of Brass
Chapter 4: The Rising Eye
Chapter 5: The Boston Observer

Ring Out The Bells of Freedom Script PDF

• Read 2039 stories aloud to class continued
• Pechakucha projects story board


Permaculture- food forest garden
• perennial vegetables for food forest
• Zone 1 annual vegetable plantings for cafeteria
• plant inventory
• companion planting check
• continue work on path and boarders (aesthetics)
• determining next steps