4.4: May 5-9


Iriquois-Three Sisters Guild: "Integrate rather than segregate"- Permaculture Principle

Iroquois-Three Sisters Guild ••• Permaculture Principle- “Integrate rather than segregate” Diverse systems are resilient systems and synergistic systems


Important Dates
5.6 Taiko residency begins, part 2 (May 6,8,13,15,20,22)
5.6 OAKS testing: Science, 1:30-3:00
5.21 Two Hour Late Start
5.22 Smart Balanced Pilot Test: Language Arts Performance Task 1:00-3:00
5.26 Memorial Day, No School
5.28 Move-up Day
5.30 Field of Fun, 1-3 p.m. 5.30 PTSA Carnival, 5-8 p.m.
6.3  Smarter Balanced Pilot Test: Language Arts Adaptive Test 1:15-3:00

This week in…
A: いま、なにかたべますか。
B: いいえ、あとで。でも、なにかのみます。
A: どこで。
B: わかりません。
A: わたしのところで。
B: ええ。いいですね。

A: たなかさん、いま、たべますか。
B: いいえ。けっこうです。でも、なにかのみます。
A: なにを、のみますか。
B: わかりません。おちゃ。いいえ、コーラ。
A: わたしも、コーラがほしいです。すみません。
C: はい、おちゃ。
A: いいえ、コーラ。

Unit 7: Algebraic Thinking
• Modeling situations- understanding the role of diagrams and models in solving problems
• Unit test
Unit 8: Data, Measurement, Geometry, and Physics with Spinning Tops
• Reviewing Circles and Angles
• Making card stock compasses ENRICHMENT Indian Multiplication techniques Japanese abacus, Chinese abacus, Russian abacus

Native American History-
• Iroquois- soil vs dirt. chemistry, biology, physics, and ecology
• Three sisters guild: integration rather than segregation concept of food production, growing practices learned through careful observation that mimic nature.
• Permaculture- design and practice in gardens versus conventional thinking.
• Food Forest Basics continued

Omnivore’s Dilemma
Part 3: The Local Sustainable Meal: Food From Grass- Chapters 12-17
12: Polyface Farm
13: Grass
14: The Animals
15: The Slaughterhouse
16: The Market
17: My Grass-Fed Meal

• *2038- Hopeful Future practicing reading aloud to audience *We will present to second graders this week
• iMovie- green team 60-90 second public announcement videos
• Pechakucha positive change projects (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide) All 20 slides completed, practice presenting for an audience, revise as necessary. Class presentations will begin on Monday, May 5. Ganbattene!