November 3-7

Important Dates:

11.05 Taiko class begins (11.5,6,7,12,13)
11.10 Teacher planning day, No School
11.11 Veterans Day, No School
11.14 OMSI Field Trip (Drivers wanted)
• Volunteer background check online
• Driver qualification form PDF
11.27 Thanksgiving, No school
11.28 Thanksgiving Holiday, No School

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This week in …
• Exploring division with the array model
• Relating multiplication and division
• Division with remainders
• Game: Quotients Win!
Writing division story problems
• Solving one another’s division story problems with sketches
Green Team math measurement projects (planning phase)
goal: divise a plan to reduce or eliminate waste in your system
measure current reality, propose corrective actions
Omnivore’s Dilemma
Processed Food
• Fat From Corn
• The Omnivore’s Dilemma
• My Fast-Food Meal
Part II: Industrial Organic
• The Industrial Organic Meal
• More Big Organic
Part III: The Local Sustainable Meal- Food from grass
• Polyface Farm (Joel Salatin)

• place-making
• working with decomposers
• winter planting
• ground cover
• planning for next spring and summer
• mapping
• needs and yields assessment
Science Fair
• successes and setbacks
• gathering data and journaling

Reading and writing