November 12-14

Important Dates:

11.10 Teacher planning day, No School
11.11 Veterans Day, No School
11.14 OMSI Field Trip 
Volunteer background check online
• Driver qualification form PDF
11.27 Thanksgiving, No school
11.28 Thanksgiving Holiday, No School

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This week in….

Unit: Multiplication, Division & Fractions
Estimate & Check
• Multiplication Menus
pen-pal letters
• peer revising and editing
• letters will be mailed to Japan on Friday
Plant biographies
• choosing a plant (must be a plant from our food forest or native garden)
• reserve two books from Multnomah County Library on your plant, we will also find two to three internet sources.
• Five paragraph format;

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraph 1: plant needs
  3. Body paragraph 2: plant yields
  4. Body paragraph 3: interesting facts or chose your own topic
  5. Conclusion (call to action)

大きな顔 pdf (reading practice, first four pages)


Field trip
• Cow eye dissection (How do lenses work?)
• Flight of the Monarch butterfly (Migration patterns of winged animals and insects)