2.1: November 17-21

Thank you parent drivers and chaperones for stepping up and making O.M.S.I. a memorable field trip. Parent and community involvement really thrives at Winterhaven. Especially fifth grade parents!

new vocabulary for the week:
Inguinal hernia
FYI: I will be out this week to repair my inguinal hernia, surgery is scheduled for Monday at 1:00 p.m.. I was diagnosed in August just before the start of the school year and was hoping to wait for a convenient time but the pain and bother have gotten worse recently. The fifth graders were informed Friday after the field trip. Todd Ragland, a former student teacher at Winterhaven, and my always reliable substitute teacher will fill in for the week. We did a run-through of the week Friday after school and will touch base daily throughout the week. Looking forward to being back and as good as new on Monday, November 24.

Important Dates:

11.27 Thanksgiving, No school
11.28 Thanksgiving Holiday, No School
12.4  Science Fair, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
12.17 Late Opening, 10:45 a.m. start
12-22 Winter break begins

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This week in…

Unit 4: Multiplication, Division & Fractions
• Pre-test
• Estimate & check strategy
• Multiplication menus
• Division using menus
• Division defined (the whole and the parts)
• divisor, dividend, quotient
• Number Sense Packet
pen-pal letters to Japan
• attach photograph, postcard, and/or small gift
-pen pal letters will be collected on Monday
Plant biographies
• choosing a plant (must be a plant from our food forest or native garden)
• reserve two books from Multnomah County Library on your plant, we will also find two to three internet sources.
• Five paragraph format:

Body paragraph 1: plant needs
Body paragraph 2: plant yields
Body paragraph 3: interesting facts or chose your own topic
Conclusion (call to action)

大きな顔 pdf (reading practice, first three pages)
Fridays quiz will include the first 22 lines. がんばってね!


Systems thinking analysis; understanding interdependence in natural systems
Case of the Vanishing Butterflies
Case of the Ants and the Acacia