2.7: January 20-23

Systems Thinking Opportunity for Fifth Graders, July 13-17
I’m looking for five responsible, curious, and ambitious fifth graders to teach a systems thinking lesson to a mixture of students from different states, countries, and grade levels (K-6) this summer. Together we will come up with new lessons and also use lessons we have practiced in class. I will be present at all times to assist when needed.

Please let me know if you are interested and available. The time for drop off and pick up can be flexible to accommodate busy schedules and to avoid traffic.

Please click the link below for more information. The link will be updated and specific early spring.
Camp Sunshine Info

Important dates…

1.21 2-hr Late Opening
1.22 PTSA Variety Show 6-8 p.m.
1.30 Teacher Planning Day, No School
2.4 Portland Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Field Trip
Depart from Winterhaven at 9:00 a.m. via Tri-met

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This week in…
Watson’s Go to Birmingham, 1963
Chapter 12: That Dog Won’t Hunt No More
Chapter 13: I Meet Winnie’s Evil Twin Brother, the Wool Pooh
Chapter 14: Every Bird and Bug in Birmingham Stops and Wonders
Chapter 15: The World-Famous Watson Pet Hospital

Martin Luther King Jr.
• I Have a Dream Speech
• Letter From Birmingham Jail
Pechakucha: 20 in 20 (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide)
Prewriting phase- understanding “current reality”
Systems Habit: Successive approximation
current reality
corrective actions
• planning for the calendar year
• preparing for Spring
goals for Spring 2015
• sustainable greens, herbs and vegetables for the cafeteria
• increase spring and fall yields from fruit vines, trees, and bushes
• create a seasonal food mandala for Winterhaven’s garden
Systems Habit: Understanding the “big picture”


Fraction Concepts:
decimal place value
converting decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals
multiplying and dividing decimals
multiplying and dividing fractions
adding and subtracting fractions (borrowing and carrying over)
LCM’s or LCD (lowest common denominator)


katakana practice reading and writing

カキクケコ ガギグゲゴ
サシウセソ ザジズゼゾ
タチツテト ダヂヅデド
ハヒフヘホ バビブベボ パピプペポ

こーひー  コーヒー coffee
のーと  ノート notebook
しーそー  シーソー seesaw
なーす  ナース nurse
くっきー クッキー cookie
ないふ ナイフ knife
こっぷ  コップ cup
あぼがど  アバガド avocado
ばなな バナナ banana
さいだー  サイダー cider