3.1: February 2-6

ATTENTION!!! Volunteers wanted for Wednesdays field trip
need at least 2 more, but the more the merrier
Transport by tri-met

Depart at 9:00 a.m.
Return by 11:30 a.m.

Important dates…

2.4 Portland Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Field Trip
Depart from Winterhaven at 9:00 a.m. via Tri-met
2.10 Japan on the Road visits our classroom 8:45-12:00
2.16 Presidents Day- No School
2.18 Late Opening

This week in…

Watson’s Go to Birmingham, 1963
Martin Luther King Jr.
Letter From Birmingham Jail
Students will have the opportunity to read their letters, or a part of their letter to classmates

Pechakucha: 20 in 20 (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide)
• Using our ice-berg models to organize our pechakucha
• Following the causal loop guidelines for solving problems

• planning for the calendar year
• preparing for Spring garden beds with sustainable production for cafeteria during the months; April, May, and June.
Goals for Spring 2015
• sustainable production of greens, herbs and vegetables for the cafeteria
• increase spring and fall yields from fruit vines, trees, and bushes by examining plant needs such as sun light, soil pH, companion plants.
• create a seasonal food mandala for Winterhaven’s garden and learn how to provide food during winter months.
Systems Habit: Understanding the “big picture”

-Systems Thinking: student led activity The Day They Parachuted Cats On Borneo
Systems tools: BOTG’s and connection circle
Systems archetype: Fixes that Backfire


StraightAce Online
Understanding the place value system
1. place value
2. Multiplication by powers of ten
3. Multiplying decimals by powers of ten
4. Dividing by powers of ten
5. Writing and naming decimals to thousandths
6. Comparing decimals

Fraction Concepts:

1. multiplying and dividing fractions
2. adding and subtracting fractions (borrowing and carrying over when necessary)
3. Fraction and decimal conversions
4. MATH 24- whole numbers, fractions, and decimals

Example w/ fraction
4, 1, 1/3, 2
1. 4 x 2 = 8
2. 8 x 1 = 8
3. 8 ÷ 1/3 = 24
Example with decimal
11, 5, 2, .4
1. 11 x 2 =22
2. .4 x 5 =2
3. 22 + 2 = 24
Try the next one
1, 5, 10, .5

katakana practice reading and writing

カキクケコ ガギグゲゴ
サシウセソ ザジズゼゾ
タチツテト ダヂヅデド
ハヒフヘホ バビブベボ パピプペポ

Friday’s Quiz
Katakana 2.5

Hiragana Katakana Hiragana Katakana
らーめん  ラーメン ぽーとらんど  ポートランド
れもん  レモン こんぴゅーたー  コンピューター
らじお  ラジオ らいと  ライト
てれび  テレビ ぶるーべりー  ブルーベリー
ちょこれーと  チョコレート べっど  ベッド
こかこーら  コカコーラ どーなつ  ドーナツ
ぱいなっぷる  パイナップル ほてる  ホテル
まんごー  マンゴー きゃべつ  キャベツ
きゅうい  キュウイ れたす  レタス
あめりか  アメリカ あぼがど  アバガド