3.2: February 9-13

Important dates…

2.10 Japan on the Road visits our classroom 8:45-12:00
2.16 Presidents Day- No School
2.18 Late Opening
This week in…



Pechakucha: 20 in 20 (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide)
• Using our ice-berg models to organize our pechakucha
• Following the causal loop guidelines for solving problems loop

• Planting a garden one seed at a time
• Plant sale planning
• Garden boxes for March produce
• Native Garden path building

-Systems Thinking: student led activity The Day They Parachuted Cats On Borneo
Systems tools: BOTG’s and connection circle
Systems archetype: Fixes that Backfire
-Systems Thinking: student led activity Hurricane on the Bayou
Systems tools: BOTG’s and connection circle
Systems Archetype: Fixes that Backfire


Garden Math- Number, Operations, and Algebra
How many seeds in a tomato?

StraightAce Online

1. Understanding the place value system
2. Rounding to the nearest hundredth and thousandth
3. Evaluating expressions with parenthesis
4. Writing expressions
5. Writing and evaluating expressions with parenthesis
6. Introduction to rounding decimals

Fraction Concepts continued:

1. multiplying and dividing fractions
2. adding and subtracting fractions (borrowing and carrying over when necessary)
3. Fraction and decimal conversions
4. MATH 24- whole numbers, fractions, and decimals



Hiragana Katakana Hiragana Katakana
まくどなるど  マクドナルド ばーがーびる  バーガービル
ばーがーきんぐ  バーガーキング さぶうぇい  サブウェイ
はんばーがー  ハンバーガー こーら  コーラ
ぽてと  ポテト すぷらいと  スプライト
すむーじー  スムージー えるさいず  エルサイズ
ちーず  チーズ こーひー  コーヒー
れたす  レタス とまと  トマト
おにおん  オニオン けちゃっぷ  ケチャップ
みるく  ミルク ますたーど  マスタード
ちょこれーと  チョコレート しぇいく  シェイク