3.4: February 22-26

Garden Donations welcomed…
Native: huckleberry, elderberry, salal, snowberry, flowering current, Oregon grape, Indian plum, vine maple, sword fern
Food Forest: blueberry, currant-berry, honey-berry, goose-berry
dwarf fruit trees; apple, asian pear, plum
Other Needs: coffee grounds, vegetable and flower seeds, general garden tools


August, 2014

Ask your daughter or son for a garden tour, then wait a couple weeks and ask again.

Important dates…

3.2 Dr. Seuss’s Birthday (Read Across America)
3.18 Late Opening
3.20 Plant Sale Order Forms Due (order form page one, page two PDF)
3.23-3.27 Spring Break- No School
4.10 Teacher Planning Day- No School
4.15 Late Opening
4.22 Fifth Grade Earth Day Play- The Lorax Returns (In school performance only)
4.22 Earth Day- Plants delivered to Winterhaven for pick up (1:00- 3:30)

This week in…

kanji 3.1

Hiragana Kanji English
みぎ  右  right
した  下  under, down
あめ  雨  rain
はな  花  flower
 日  sun
かい  貝  clam
おう  王  king
いち  一  one
おと  音  sound
えん  円  yen


• Permaculture
understanding zones and sectors
-zone planning and sector analysis
Causal Loops of student interaction with food forest and native garden- Regeneration (reinforcing loop) and maintenance (balancing loop)
Connection Circle- Garden yields

Computer Based Math: StraightAce

  • Dividing by a 1-Digit Number with No Remainder
  • Finding Decimal Values using Addition
  • Dividing by a 1-Digit Number with a Remainder
  • Reasoning about Decimal Addition
  • Dividing by a 2-Digit Number with No Remainder
  • Finding Decimal Values using Subtraction
  • Dividing by a 2-Digit Number with a Remainder
  • Reasoning about Decimal Subtraction
  • Division with Zeros in the Dividend and/or the Quotients
  • Relating Decimal Addition and Subtraction

Classroom Math
Fraction operations (+ – x ÷) with mixed and whole numbers
• Speed and accuracy practice (fluency)
Converting decimals into fractions
Fibonacci in the sneezewort plant (Achillea Ptarmica)
1. Pechakucha (20 in 20)
Focus- The Gap (Problem that needs to be solved to narrow the gap)
– All text will be placed in the text section of your slide show (20 seconds)
Review and revising: Discussing “current reality” and presenting the multiple perspectives from the different stakeholders.
Looking at and recognizing patterns and trends (i.e. change over time) related to topics
2. Hurricane on the Bayou- reflections from a systems perspective
• Final drafts completed Monday in class, sharing begins on Tuesday