2.7: January 11-15

Dear students and parents,

Hope you all had a relaxing holiday spent with family and friends. I wish I could have been in the classroom to start the new year serving my fifth graders but unfortunately I will be starting the year on a medical leave.

On December 21st I was rushed into surgery to treat my condition, large intestine with perforation. That afternoon a section of my colon was removed along with my appendix. The following morning my colon was reattached during a second surgery. I returned home after nine days of hospitalization. The past three weeks or recovery have been difficult but I am progressing slowly. I am hopeful to return to work in two weeks on January 25. I would like to thank Todd Ragland for stepping in during my leave and I will continue to communicate with him on a regular basis during the next couple of weeks going over our lesson plans.

Hope all goes according to plan and that I will be back soon.



2015emaimgImportant Dates
1.18- MLK Jr. Day- No School
1.20- Late Opening
1.20-1.29- Taiko Drumming residency
1.25 Teacher Planning Day

This week in…
Module 3: Addition and subtraction of fractions
Lesson 10-Objective: Add fractions with sums greater than 2.
Lesson 11-Objective: Subtract fractions making like units numerically.
Lesson 12-Objective: Subtract fractions greater than or equal to 1.
Lesson 13-Objective: Use fraction benchmark numbers to assess reasonableness of addition and subtraction equations.
Lesson 14-Objective: Strategize to solve multi-term problems.

We the People
Lesson 3-What is a republican government?
Lesson 4-What is a constitutional government?

Johnny Tremain
Chapter 2-The Pride Of Your Power
Chapter 3-An Earth Of Brass

2041- Designing a future world with positive change

Katakana 2.7

Hiragana Katakana Hiragana Katakana
ふらんす フランス べとなむ ベトナム
あめりか アメリカ ろしあ ロシア
どいつ ドイツ がーな ガーナ
ぶらじる ブラジル ふぃんらんど フィンランド
めきしこ メキシコ さうすあふりか サウスアフリカ
かなだ カナダ どばい ドバイ
あいるらんど アイルランド にゅーじーらんど ニュージーランド
のるうぇい ノルウェイ じゃまいか ジャマイカ
おーすとらりあ オーストラリア いたりあ イタリア
ばり バリ まかお マカオ