3.2: February 1-5

I will be working mornings this week upon my return from medical leave. Looking forward to getting back to work and the life I recognize. Deep appreciation to Mr. Ragland and Ms. Tran for taking care of EVERYTHING during my leave. Half year to go, excited for all of our spring projects, the best part of the year is yet to come!

Report cards will be sent home on Friday.
Plant sale volunteers needed- promotion and organizing orders for pick up on Earth Day

Important Dates
2.15 Presidents’ Day- No School
2.17 Two-hour late opening
3.2 Dr. Seuss’ Birthday- Read Across America Celebration in Room 23
3.16 Two-hour late opening
3.21-25 Spring Break
4.8 End of 3rd Quarter planning day- No School
4.20 Two-hour late opening
4.22 Earth Day- Fifth grade Earth Day performance followed by Winterhaven Plant Sale

This week in…
Enrichment: Probability and the meaning of decimal fractions (theoretical and experimental).
Using data collected to inform decision making vs. data that ought play out to inform decision making.
• Rolling the Dice

• Black Jack

Module 4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions
Lesson 5: Solve word problems involving the division of whole numbers with answers in the form of fractions or whole numbers.
Lesson 6: Relate fractions as division to fraction of a set.
Lesson 7: Multiply any whole number by a fraction using diagrams.
Lesson 8: Relate a fraction of a set to the repeated addition interpretation of fraction multiplication.
Lesson 9: Find a fraction of measurement, and solve word problems.


• Positive Change Project walk through/examples
• Ice-berg thinking model
Students should come up with three ideas for possible positive change projects by Friday.

The Lorax regeneration project- Small group innovation through iceberg thinking posters

Johnny Tremain

  • Chapter 5: The Boston Observer 
  • Chapter 6: Salt-Water Tea 
  • Chapter 7: The Fiddler’s Bill

Systems Ecology
Regeneration process- Turning dirt to soil and letting nature do all the work.
Topic: Soil- abiotic and biotic properties

reading and writing practice