3.4: February 16-19

Important Dates
2.17 Two-hour late opening
3.2 Dr. Seuss’ Birthday- Read Across America Celebration in Room 23
3.16 Two-hour late opening
3.21-25 Spring Break
4.8 End of 3rd Quarter planning day- No School
4.20 Two-hour late opening
4.22 Earth Day- Fifth grade Earth Day performance followed by Winterhaven Plant Sale

This week in…

ue wo muite arukou
うえをむいてあるこう pdf

うえ を むいて あるこう
にじんだ ほし を かぞえて
おもいだす なつ の ひ
ひとりぼち の よる
Kyu Sakamoto

Enrichment: Probability and the meaning of decimal fractions (theoretical and experimental).
Using data collected to inform decision making vs. data that ought play out to inform decision making.
• Rolling the Dice

• Black Jack- 52 cards

Module 4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions
Lesson 13: Multiply unit fractions by unit fractions.
Lesson 14: Multiply unit fractions by non-unit fractions
Lesson 15: Multiply non-unit fractions by non-unit fractions
Lesson 16: Solve word problems by using tape diagrams and fraction by fraction multiplication
Lesson 17: Relate decimal and fraction multiplication


• Positive Change Project:
Ice-berg thinking posters- Understanding the system by looking for patterns and trends, and interdependence. Tools- BOTG’s and connection circles
• More Positive Change Project examples and idea sharing
• The Lorax regeneration project- Small group innovation through iceberg thinking posters

Johnny Tremain

  • Chapter 5: The Boston Observer 
  • Chapter 6: Salt-Water Tea 
  • Chapter 7: The Fiddler’s Bill

New Green Team group assignments
Systems Ecology continued…
Regeneration process- Turning dirt to soil and letting nature do all/most of the work.
Topic: Soil- abiotic and biotic properties

ue wo muite arukou
うえをむいてあるこう pdf

うえ を むいて あるこう
にじんだ ほし を かぞえて
おもいだす なつ の ひ
ひとりぼち の よる