4.1: April 11-15

Message to Fifth graders and their parents from Mr. Giles

Dear 5th grade families-

Every year we put on several “dog and pony shows” for prospective families. We call these events information nights (you likely remember spending one of these in Mr. Huckaba’s room). These hopeful folks get to hear about what Winterhaven looks like in middle school. It occurred to me that you do not get that chance. I would like to invite you to swing by room 3 on April 14th right after school…well, perhaps 3:10. I will happily to present a sketch of middle school math and science. It should take about twenty minutes. Absolutely bring your kids.


Mr. Giles

Important Dates:

4.20 Two-hour late opening
4.21 MAC Attack forms and pledges due
4.22 Earth Day- Fifth grade Earth Day performance, 11:00 a.m. parents welcome
4.22 Earth Day- Winterhaven Plant Sale pick up

5.4 Japanese Garden Field Trip- 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
Drivers Wanted… Depart 9:30, return 12:00
1. Fill out driver qualification form and return to Winterhaven’s office
2. Background Verification Online click here
5.9 OAKS Science (State Test)
5.16 & 5.17 SBAC Testing: Reading
5.23-5.26 SBAC Testing: Math
SBAC testing opt out form pdf
5.30 Memorial Day- No School

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This Week In….

Unit 5: Addition and Multiplication with Volume and Area

Lesson 3: 
Objective: Compose and decompose right rectangular prisms using layers.

Lesson 4: 
Objective:  Use multiplication to calculate volume.
Lesson 5: 
Objective:  Use multiplication to connect volume as packing with volume as filling.

Statistics using volume and area applied to Earth Day play

1. Earth Day Play
Whole class writing activity
• Blocking
• Individual and Team Tasks
2. Biography of a Plant research paper
• plant needs (i.e community)
• yields
• interesting facts

Watsons Go To Birmingham: 1963
Chapter 9, The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963
Chapter 10, Tangled Up in God’s Beard

Permaculture- Planning and building healthy plant guilds (principles: start small and build on successobserve and interact, and a systems structure generates its behavior.)
Solar Cells:  Solar cars- increasing voltage and wattage, controlling watage, storing energy