4.5: May 9-13, 2016

5.9 OAKS Science 
5.16 & 5.17 SBAC Testing: Reading
5.23-5.25 SBAC Testing: Math

Important Dates:

5.18 Two Hour Late Opening
5.20 PTSA Carnival, Fifth grade dunk tank and native plant sale
5.25 Spring Choir 3-5 Concert, 6:30-7:00
students should arrive at 6:15
5.27 Field of Fun
5.30 Memorial Day- No School

6.8 School Pic Nic
6.9 Fifth Grade BIG CHAUTAUQUA

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This Week In…


Lesson 16 
Objective:  Draw trapezoids to clarify their attributes, and define trapezoids based on those attributes.
Lesson 17
Objective:  Draw parallelograms to clarify their attributes, and define parallelograms based on those attributes.
Lesson 18
Objective:  Draw rectangles and rhombuses to clarify their attributes, and define rectangles and rhombuses based on those attributes.

Enrichment: Ancient number systems, counting across cultures, and the abacus (Chinese, Japanese, Russian)

Positive Change Projects
Part One: Personal connection reflection, one page. Why I selected my topic and how my topic promotes positive change.
What is a pechakucha?


Omnivore’s Dilemma
Topic: Local Sustainable Farming Systems
• Fueled by the sun not fossil fuels
• Many small local sustainable farms vs agribusiness
• Working with nature- “…observing thoroughly rather than laboring thoughtlessly.” -Masanobu Fukuoka


-paths, boarders, hedges, and edges
-working with a garden map to determine needs, then devising plans to serve those needs
-monitoring garden for pollinators and natural pest management strategies.
– chop and drop strategies for “pioneers” and “volunteers”

にほんご 日本語

3.5:     正         
上を向いて practice for Big Chautauqua