3.2: February 13-17, 2017

How can diverse Americans become “one people”? I believe that one path is for us to pursue the study of the past that includes all of us, making all of us feel connected to one another as “we the people,” working and living in a nation, founded and “dedicated” (to use Lincoln’s language) to the “proposition” that “all men are created equal.

― Ronald Takaki

Volunteer donation requested by fifth grade class to repair garden damage and close off unintended pathways. 
Proposal: $10.00 per student, used to buy a plant for the garden or you may donate any of the following native plants: salal, huckleberry, Oregon grape, sword fern, Indian plum, wild rose, salmonberry, flowering currant

Important Dates
President’s Day– No School
Dr Seuss’s Birthday- Read Across America Celebration
17: Garden Work Party, Food Forest, 3:00-5:00
24: Garden Work Party, Native Garden, 3:00-5:00
Many hands make light work
27-31: Spring Break- No School
Earth Day Celebration and Performance TBA

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State Testing Schedule
May 8, 2017: Science
Week of May 15, 2017: Math
Week of May 22, 2017: Reading

This week in…

Grade 5 Module 3:  Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
Independent Practice/Enrichment Homework:
Khan Academy Link
Module 3:Topic C- Making like units numerically
Supports lessons 8-12
 Lesson 13: Objective:  Use fraction benchmark numbers to assess reasonableness of addition and subtraction equations. Homework due Tuesday
Lesson 14: Objective:  Strategize to solve multi-term problems. Homework due Wednesday
Lesson 15: Objective:  Solve multi-step word problems; assess reasonableness of solutions using benchmark numbers.
Homework due Thursday
Lesson 16: Objective:  Explore part to whole relationships.

Enrichment Systems Thinking Projects: Using math (measurement) to increase understanding of the real world and to understand and reduce waste.

Math Games: Math 24- Multiplying, Dividing, Adding, and Subtracting Fractions; order of operations p.e.m.d.a.s.

Math 24 solution generator
Math 24 Cards PDF
Interactive Math


Different Mirror

  • Chapter 1: Why a Different Mirror?
  • Chapter 2: Removing the “Savages”
  • Chapter 3: The Hidden Origins of Slavery
  • Chapter 4: The Road to Reservation
  • Chapter 5: Life in Slavery

Independent Reading

February’s Genre- Nonfiction: Biography/Autobiography
*Please be prepared every day

Socratic Seminar:
Letter from Birmingham County Jail– Martin Luther King Junior

Systems Thinking:
The Case of the Mummified Pigs


• Imaginative: 25 years into a hopeful future
Explore a better designed future with Buckminster Fuller
Due Febrauay 24

• The Lorax Returns
Whole Class Activity:
Students will choose titles for the three scenes (may grow to five), then begin writing and doing the math and science on the five scenes. Small Group work:
Students will integrate systems thinking and permaculture principles into the story.
Each scene will have a theme that contributes to our over all goal. To be determined.(regeneration)

What would Dr. Seuss want us to do? Is the problem the solution?
• Developing a heart or core message then communicate through visual mathematics
• Use Fibonacci pattern, exponential growth snowballs, and diversity to assure resiliency
• Stock and Flow models, BOTG’s, connection circles, causal loops, and mental models
• Integrate the wisdom of Buckminster Fuller, Rachel Carson, Albert Einstein, and George Washington Carver


Dialogue and grammar (pages 5 and 6 only) 
Dialogues in hiragana (dialogue 1 review, dialogue 2 review, dialogue 3 new)

△一 Review
:すみません、えいごが わかりますか。
:いいえ、わかリません。にほんごが わかりますか。
:はい、すこし わかります。

△二 Review

△三 New