3.8: APRIL 3-7, 2017

Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.

– Bill Mollison

Espoo, Finland

Message from Mr. Thompson:
I will be departing Tuesday, March 28 for a learning journey in Finland that will take place the week of April 3-7. I will be visiting schools and meeting with educators across the country with a group of 20 educators from seven countries (USA, Australia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Turkey). Can’t wait to share all the pictures captured and ideas harvested from the Finnish educational system and from the multinational cohort of educators I get to travel with and learn from. Mr. Todd Ragland will be the substitute teacher the week after spring break. He was a student teacher in Mr. Levear’s class several years ago and has been a reliable and dependable substitute teacher for me over the years.

From the Food Forest
A big thank you to Stella and her father Leif Nelson for designing, constructing, and installing a torii gate for our garden. Truly a work of art. Also, thank you to all the volunteers who braved the rain on Friday to work in our gardens.









Important Dates

MAC Attack Run (Sponsor sheets due April 11)
Earth Day Celebration and Performance, 10:00 a.m. (Morning performance only)

State Testing Schedule for Fifth Grade
May 8, 2017: Science
Week of May 15, 2017: Math
Week of May 22, 2017: Reading
General Testing and Opting Out Information

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This week in…

Grade 5 Module 4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions 

1. Khan Academy
Module 4: Topic F: Multiplication with fractions and decimals as scaling and word problems. Supports Lessons 21-24

2. EngageNY
 Lesson 21: Objective:  Explain the size of the product, and relate fraction and decimal equivalence to multiplying a fraction by 1. Homework due Tuesday
Lesson 22: Objective:  Compare the size of the product to the size of the factors. Homework due Wednesday
Lesson 23: Objective: Compare the size of the product to the size of the factors. Homework due Thursday
Lesson 24: Objective:  Solve word problems using fraction and decimal multiplication. No Math Homework due Friday

3. Systems Thinking Project Teams: Using math (measurement) to increase understanding of the real world and to understand and reduce waste. Ongoing. Telling stories by the numbers.

Math Games: Math 24- Multiplying, Dividing, Adding, and Subtracting Fractions; order of operations p.e.m.d.a.s.

Math 24 solution generator
Math 24 Cards PDF
Interactive Math


Independent Reading
Genre- Sciencefiction
*Please be prepared every day

Different Mirror

  • Chapter 8: From China to Gold Mountain
  • Chapter 9: Dealing with the Indians (Monday)
  • Chapter 10: The Japanese and “Money Trees” (Tuesday)
  • Chapter 11: Jews are Pushed from Russia (Wednesday)
  • Chapter 12: Up from Mexico (Thursday)
  • Chapter 13: Blacks Arrive in North Cities (Friday)


Class Project: The Return of the Lorax
• Unintended Consequences
• The Seed of Hope
• Regeneration

Whole Class Activity:
-Students will read our scripts rough draft and develop lines for characters
Small Group work:
-Students will propose essential systems thinking and permaculture principles into the story.

What would Dr. Seuss want us to do? Is the problem the solution?
• Developing a heart or core message then communicate through visual mathematics
• Use Fibonacci pattern, exponential growth snowballs, and diversity to assure resiliency
• Stock and Flow models, BOTG’s, connection circles, causal loops, and mental models
• Integrate the wisdom of Buckminster Fuller, Rachel Carson, Albert Einstein, and George Washington Carver


First Grade Kanji 1-10

  1. 一  

Small groups will have 10 minutes per day to practice, groups will read to Yuko on Friday.