4.4: May 1-5, 2017

Knowing what I do, there would be no future peace for me if I kept silent.
-Rachel Carson

Important Dates
State Testing Schedule for Fifth Grade
Week of May 8, 2017: Science
Week of May 15, 2017: Math
Week of May 22, 2017: Reading
General Testing and Opting Out Information
19: Spring Carnival, 5:00-8:00 p.m.
24: Grades 3-5 Spring Music Concert – 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Move Up Day, 8:45-9:30
Japanese Garden Field Trip, Depart Winterhaven at 9:40, Return at 12:00. Drivers wanted!
Volunteer Background Check (online)
Driver Qualification Form PDF (Turn in to Office)
26: Field of Fun, 1:00-3:00 p.m.
29: Memorial Day- No School
School Picnic 
Big Chautauqua 9:30-10:30

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This week in…

Grade 5- Module 5: Addition and Multiplication with Volume and Area
1. Khan Academy
Module 5: Topic B: Volume and the Operations of Multiplication and Addition
2. EngageNY (Module 5: Addition and Multiplication with Volume and Area)

 Lesson 5: Objective:  Use multiplication to connect volume as packing with volume as filling..  Homework due Tuesday
Lesson 6: Objective:  Find the total volume of solid figures composed of two non-overlapping rectangular prisms. Homework due Wednesday
Lesson 7: Objective:  Solve word problems involving the volume of rectangular prisms with whole number edge lengths. Homework due Thursday
Lesson 8: Objective:  Apply concepts and formulas of volume to design a sculpture using rectangular prisms within given parameters. No Math Homework due Friday

3. Systems Thinking Project Teams: Using math (measurement) to increase understanding of the real world and to understand and reduce waste. Ongoing. Telling stories by the numbers.

4. Math Games: Math 24- Multiplying, Dividing, Adding, and Subtracting Fractions; order of operations p.e.m.d.a.s.

Math 24 solution generator
Math 24 Cards PDF
Interactive Math


1. Independent Reading
Genre- Fantasy recommended, free choice chapter book okay
*Please be prepared every day

2. Whole class book
Different Mirror- Ronald Takaki
• Chapter 17: We Will All Be Minorities

World Without Fish- Mark Kurlansky
• Chapter 3: Being the Sad, Cautionary Tale of the Orange Roughy (page 39)
• Chapter 4: Being the Myth of Nature’s Bounty and How Scientists Got it Wrong for Many Years (page 51)

Hurricane on the Bayou connection circle
weather, industry causal loop.
regeneration planning (designing sustainable and thriving biological systems)


一 ichi, one
 migi, right
 ame, rain
 en, yen
 ou, king
 oto, sound
 shita, under
 hi, fire
 hana, flour
 kai, clam


gaku, learn
 ki, spirit
 yasumu, rest
 tama, ball
 kin, gold
 kyu, nine
 sora, sky
 tsuki, moon
 inu, dog
 miru, look

 go, five
 kuchi, mouth

kou, school
 hidari, left
 san, three
yama, mountain
 ko, child
yon, four
 ito, string
 ji, character