4.9: June 5-9, 2017

Important Dates
Move up day, 2:15-2:45
School Picnic (Bring a sack lunch)
Big Chautauqua 9:30-10:30 (Parents are welcome)

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*Homework- work on your pechakucha  and prepare for your presentation later this week
This week in…


Grade 5- Module 6: Problem Solving with the Coordinate Plane
1. Khan Academy
Module 6:  Topic A: Coordinate Systems
2. EngageNY (Module 6: Problem Solving with the Coordinate Plane)
Lesson 1: Objective:  Construct a coordinate system on a line. No Homework
Lesson 2: Objective:  Construct a coordinate system on a plane. No Homework
Lesson 3: Objective:  Name points using coordinate pairs, and use the coordinate pairs to plot points. No Homework
• Lesson 4:
Objective:  Name points using coordinate pairs, and use the coordinate pairs to plot points. no Homework
Tools: Compass, protractor, ruler
1. Draw a perpendicular to a given line
2. Bisecting any given angle
3. Make a circle from points and lines
4. Systems Thinking Project

Pechakucha (google slide show; 20 slides 20 seconds per slide): positive change project using systems thinking tools.
Presentations will begin on June 7 and continue through June 9.
Use at least Three of the following systems thinking tools in your project
1. Behavior over time graphs
2. Stock and Flow Model
3. Connection Circles
4. Causal Loops
5. Ladder of Inference
6. Ice-berg model

4. Math Games: Math 24- Multiplying, Dividing, Adding, and Subtracting Fractions; order of operations p.e.m.d.a.s.


Weekly Board Games
Hands on games (social interaction) weekly for 45 minutes.
1. Blokus
2. Chess
3. Scrabble


Independent Reading
Genre- Free choice fiction or non-fiction chapter books
*Please be prepared every day (plan ahead)

Whole class book

World Without Fish- Mark Kurlansky
Return to Library by 6/6/2016


Fifth Grade Reflections

  1. What did you become aware of or more aware of this year?
  2. What do you think are the most important habits of a successful learner?
  3. What do you need to do to improve as a learner?
  4. What advice would you give a future fifth grader?

How do we create a self sustaining garden system?
Kaizen Legacy Project 2016-2017
regeneration planning (designing sustainable and thriving biological systems)

practice uewomuite for Big Chautauqua

Kanji Flash Cards (1-80, First Grade Kanji)

一 ichi, one
 migi, right
 ame, rain
 en, yen
 ou, king
 oto, sound
 shita, under
 hi, fire
 hana, flour
 kai, clam


gaku, learn
 ki, spirit
 yasumu, rest
 tama, ball
 kin, gold
 kyu, nine
 sora, sky
 tsuki, moon
 inu, dog
 miru, look

 go, five
 kuchi, mouth

kou, school
 hidari, left
 san, three
yama, mountain
 ko, child
yon, four
 ito, string
 ji, character
  mimi, ear
 nana, seven
 kuruma, car
 te, hand
ju, ten
出 deru, out
onna, women
chiisai, small
 ue, up
mori, forest
  hito, people

 mizu, water
tadasii, correct
 ikiru, arrive
 ao, blue
 yu, evening
  ishi, rock
  aka, red
 sen, thousand
 kawa, river
 saki, first
 hayai, early
 kusa, grass
 ashi, foot
 mura, village
 ookii, big
 otoko, man
 take, bamboo
 naka, middle
 mushi, insect
 machi, town
 ten, heaven
 ta, rice field
 tsuchi, soil
 ni, two
 hi, day
 hairu, enter
 nen, year
 shiro, white

 hachi, eight
 hyaku, hundred
 bun, sentence
 ki, tree
 hon, book
 na, name
 me, eye
 tatsu, stand up
 chikara, power
 hayashi, woods
 roku, six