1.7: October 16-20, 2017

Important Dates
18: Two Hour Late Opening
31: Field Trip to Bull Run Watershed, 9:00 a.m. to 2:50 p.m..
Volunteer Background Check (Required)
Bring a sack lunch and dress for rain and cold. Be prepared!
Parent Teacher Conferences, No School
9: Parent Teacher Conferences, No School
Call the office for conference scheduling. 503.916.6200
10: End of First Quarter Teacher Planning Day, No School
22-24: Thanksgiving Vacation, No School

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This week in…
EngageNY Module 2Multi-Digit Whole Number and Decimal Fraction Operations

Topic DMeasurement Word Problems with Whole Number and Decimal Multiplication
• Monday
Lesson 14 Objective:  Use decimal multiplication to express equivalent measurements. Homework due Tuesday
• Tuesday↓
Lesson 15 
Objective:  Solve two-step word problems involving measurement and multi-digit multiplication. Homework due Wednesday
Khan Academy:
Topic D: Measurement word problems with whole number and decimal multiplication (lessons 13-15)


Topic E: Mental Strategies for Multi-Digit Whole Number Division
• Wednesday↓
Lesson 16 
Objective:  Use divide by 10 patterns for multi-digit whole number division. Homework due Thursday
• Thursday↓
Lesson 17 
Objective:  Use basic facts to estimate quotients with two-digit divisors. No Homework
• Friday↓
Lesson 18 
Objective:  Use basic facts to estimate quotients with two-digit divisors. No Homework
Khan Academy: 

 Topic E: Mental strategies for multi-digit whole number division


• Daily Directed Reading
October’s Genre: Fiction- Mystery
• October’s Book Study
Omnivore’s Dilemma
Part 1: The Industrial Meal: Food From Corn- Chapters 1-10

  • 3: From Farm to Factory
  • 4: The Grain Elevator
  • 5: The Feedlot- Turning Corn into Meat
  • 6: Processed Food
  • 7: Fat From Corn

• Scientific Inquiry
Black Soldier Fly Larvae Inquiries
Part 1: Background Information and Question/Hypothesis (hypothesis will be in written and graph from) due Thursday, October 6
Part 2: Materials List and Procedures, due Thursday, October 12
Part 3: Experiment: Observations, data table and graph, due Friday, October 20
Part 4: Analysis: What story does the data from your experiment tell. Conclusion: Make a graph of your hypothesized data and your experiment (actual data). Compare and contrast. Due Friday, October 27

Topic: Francis Bacon On Revenge
Agreements for a productive seminar:
1. Speak so that all can hear you.
2. Listen closely and respectfully
3. Speak without raising hands
4. Refer to the text!
5. Talk to each other, not just the leader
6. Ask for clarification if you are confused
7. Invite and allow others to speak
8. Consider ALL viewpoints and ideas
9. Stay on topic!
10. Know that YOU are responsible for the quality of the seminar

Black Soldier Fly Larvae
• Needs and yields
• Organic systems and working with nature
• permaculture principles
Systems Thinking Lorax Projects
Systems thinking tools: BOTG’s, connection circles, causal loops, mental models
1. Identify waste in the system
2. Create a system with less/no waste (learning to stack functions, long-term vs short term planning)


Friday’s hiragana quiz 1.7

あいうえお と かきくけこ (review: week one)
さしすせそ と たちつてと   (review: week two)
ないぬねの と はひふへほ (review: week three)
まみむめも と や ゆ よ (review: week four)
らりるれろ と わ   を (review:week five)

きゃきゅきょ ぎゃぎゅぎょ  (review: week six)
しゃしゅしょ じゃじゅじょ  (review: week six)
ちゃちゅちょ ぢゃぢゅぢょ     (review: week six)
にゃにゅにょ ひゃひゅひょ NEW
びゃびゅびょ ぴゃぴゅぴょ   NEW

Real Kana Practice
hiragana-stroke-order-chart pdf
Blank Paper for Writing Japanese pdf

Hiragana Romaji Hiragana Romaji
きゃく  kya ku ぎゃく  gya ku
ちゅうがっこう  chu u ga kko u にんじゃ  ni n ja
きょうだい  kyo u dai きゅうきゅうしゃ  kyu u kyu u sha
じゅぎょう  ju gyo u じょうぎ  jo u gi
しゅみ  syu mi ぎゅうにく  gyu u ni ku
きゅうしょく  kyu u sho ku おもちゃ  o mo cha
ちょうちょ  cho u cho ぎょうざ  gyo u za
きんぎょ  kin gyo てちょう  te cho u
じゅうしょ  ju u sho きょう  kyo u
きしゃ  ki sha しょうゆ  sho u yu

This weeks dialogue practice (make sure you can read the dialogue in blue)
△一 (review)

男:すみません、えいごが わかりますか。
:いいえ、わかリません。にほんごが わかりますか。
男:はい、すこし わかります。
△二 (new)