2.3: December 4-8, 2017

Counselors Questions: How are stereotypes harmful?  What about positive stereotypes?  How are they harmful as well?
Important Dates

8: Japan On the Road, 8:45-12:05
Winter break begins
New Years Holiday, No School
15: Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday Celebration, No School
*25: Science Fair, 5:00-7:00
29: Teacher Planning Day, No School

*Science Fair Pacing Schedule Info Link
Part 1: Question, hypothesis, background, due 12.8
Part 2: Materials list and procedures, due 12.15
Part 3: Data and observations, due 1.5
Part 4: Analysis and conclusions, due 1.12
Part 5: Board completed for judging, due 1.19
Science Fair 2017-18 Pacing Schedule PDF

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This week in….

Module 3Addition and Subtraction of Fractions


Topic B: Making Like Units Pictorially

Lesson 5  Objective: Subtract fractions with unlike units using the strategy of creating equivalent fractions. Homework Due Tuesday
Lesson 6  Objective: Subtract fractions from numbers between 1 and 2. Homework Due Wednesday
Lesson 7  Objective: Solve two-step word problems. Homework Due Thursday

Khan Academy Topic B: Making like units pictorially

Topic C: Making Like Units Numerically
Lesson 8  Objective: Add fractions to and subtract fractions from whole numbers using equivalence and the number line as strategies. No Math Homework Due on Friday

Khan Academy Topic C: Making like units Numerically


December’s Independent Reading Genre
-Classical Fiction

Class Sets
Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
• Stave 1
• Stave 2

The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure

The Eighth Night:
1. Permutations and combinations
2. Factorials
3. Circle diagrams.
4. Use of number pyramid for solving problems such as teams of 3, 4, 5 etc
The Ninth Night:
1. Number sequences
• Cardinal
• Odd
• Prime
• Fibonnaci
• Triangular
• Exponents
• Factorial
2. Sum of fractions on a number line ( ½ + ¼ + 1/8 + 1/16 …never equalling 1)
The Tenth Night:
1. Hexagons
2. Fibonacci numbers ÷ them by their neighbours. Recurring decimals
3. 1.618 – the divine proportion
4. Platonic Solids

Research: Biography of a Plant
(Choose a plant from our native garden or food forest)

Thesis statement:
1. Plant needs
2. Plant yields
3. Interesting facts or a story about your plant

• Regions
• States


Friday’s katakana quiz 2.3 (December 8)

Katakana Tested↓
アイウエオ と カキクケコ (review: week one)
サシスセソ と タチツテト (review: week two)
ナニヌネノ と ハヒフヘホ (new: week three)

Real Kana Practice
katakana_writing_practice_sheets pdf
Blank Paper for Writing Japanese pdf


カタカナ romaji カタカナ romaji
te no
su ni
ta hu