2.5: January 2-5, 2018
















Important Dates:
1: New Years Holiday, No School
15: Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday Celebration, No School
17: Two Hour Late Opening
*25: Science Fair, 5:00-7:00

*Science Fair 2017-18 Pacing Schedule PDFInfo Link
Part 1: Question, hypothesis, background, due 12.8
Part 2: Materials list and procedures, due 12.15
Part 3: Data and observations, due 1.5
Part 4: Analysis and conclusions, due 1.12
Part 5: Board completed for judging, due
29: Teacher Planning Day, No School

This week in…

EngageNY Topic D: Further Applications

Lesson 13  Objective: Use fraction benchmark numbers to assess reasonableness of addition and subtraction equations. Homework Due Wednesday
Lesson 14  Objective:  Strategize to solve multi-term problems. Homework Due Thursday
Lesson 15  Objective: Solve multi-step word problems; assess reasonableness of solutions using benchmark numbers. NO MATH HOMEWORK
Lesson 16 Objective: Explore part to whole relationships. NO MATH HOMEWORK

Khan Academy Topic D:  Further applications
Khan Academy: Module Three Practice test

• Independent Reading for January: Battle of the Books/Free Choice
• Classroom Read Aloud: The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963
1. And You Wonder Why We Get Called the Weird Watsons
2. Give My Regards to Clark, Poindexter
3. The Worlds Greatest Dinosaur War Ever

• Biography of a Plant (research paper)
plant needs, plant yields, and interesting facts or story about your plant

• National Parks (USA)
• Rivers and Lakes (USA)


Friday’s katakana quiz 2.5 (January 5)

Katakana Tested↓
アイウエオ と カキクケコ (review: week one)
サシスセソ と タチツテト (review: week two)
ナニヌネノ と ハヒフヘホ (review: week three)
マミムメモ ト ヤ ユ ヨ (review: week four)
ラリルレロ と ワ   ヲ (new: week five)

Real Kana Practice
katakana_writing_practice_sheets pdf
Blank Paper for Writing Japanese pdf


カタカナ romaji カタカナ romaji
ma ri
e wa
i ru
mo re