2.6: January 8-12, 2018









Important Dates:

15: Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday Celebration, No School
17: Two Hour Late Opening
*25: Science Fair, 5:00-7:00
*Science Fair 2017-18 Pacing Schedule PDFInfo Link
Part 1: Question, hypothesis, background, due 12.8
Part 2: Materials list and procedures, due 12.15
Part 3: Data and observations, due 1.5
Part 4: Analysis and conclusions, due 1.12
Part 5: Board completed for judging, due
29: Teacher Planning Day, No School
19: Presidents Day, No School
21: Two Hour Late Opening

This week in…

Engage NY Module 4Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions 

Topic A: Line plots of fraction measurements

Lesson 1 Objective:  Measure and compare pencil lengths to the nearest 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 of an inch and analyze the data through line plots. Homework Due Tuesday
Khan Academy: Line plots of fraction measurements

Topic B: Fractions as division 
Lesson 2 Objective:  Interpret a fraction as division. Homework Due Wednesday
Lesson 3 Objective: Interpret a fraction as division. Homework Due Thursday
Lesson 4 Objective:  Use tape diagrams to model fractions as division. No Homework
Lesson 5 Objective:  Solve word problems involving the division of whole numbers with answers in the form of fractions or whole numbers. No Homework

Khan Academy:  Fractions as division

• Independent Reading for January: Battle of the Books/Free Choice Chapter Books
• Classroom Read Aloud: The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963
5. Nazi Parachutes Attack America and Get Shot Down over the Flint River by Captain Byron Watson and His Flamethrower of Death
6. Swiss Cremes and Welfare Cheese
7. Every Chihuahua in America Lines Up to Take a Bite out of Byron
8. The Ultraglide

• Biography of a Plant (research paper) due January 18
plant needs, plant yields, and interesting facts or story about your plant
• Biography of a plant speeches Monday, January 22, 23, and 24 (10 per day, 1-3 minutes each)

• National Parks (USA)
• Rivers and Lakes (USA)
• Technology- Google Maps
• Latitude and longitude to Identify Location


Friday’s katakana quiz 2.6(January 12)

Katakana Tested↓
アイウエオ と カキクケコ (review: week one)
サシスセソ と タチツテト (review: week two)
ナニヌネノ と ハヒフヘホ (review: week three)
マミムメモ ト ヤ ユ ヨ (review: week four)
ラリルレロ と ワ   ヲ (review: week five)

Real Kana Practice
katakana_writing_practice_sheets pdf
Blank Paper for Writing Japanese pdf
Katakana Quiz Practice

カタカナ romaji カタカナ romaji
スポーツ su•poo•tsu (sports) ピザ
サッカー テレビ
バスケットボール バス
バレーボール カラオケ
サーフィン パーティー
コーラ レストラン
サンドイッチ ゲーム
アイスクリーム コンピューター
ケーキ レース
ハンバーガー ニュース