3.9: April 2-6, 2018

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MAC ATTACK forms turned in
12: End of Third Quarter
No School-Teacher Planning Day
18: Two Hour Late Opening
20: Fifth Grade Earth Day Performance, Time TBA (a.m. show only)
26: Author Renee Watson visits Winterhaven
27: MAC ATTACK money and forms turned in
OAKS Science State Test
*7-11: Smarter Balanced State Testing: Language Arts
16: Two Hour Late Opening
*21-23: Smarter Balanced Testing: Math
24: Field Trip: Japanese Gardens (Drivers wanted)
25: Field of Fun
28: No School- Memorial Day
* State testing opt out forms available upon request or from the link below.
Please turn in forms before we begin testing.
Summative Assessment  Information Packet, Including Opt-out Forms:  EnglishChineseRussianSomaliSpanishVietnamese


Module 5Addition and Multiplication with Volume and Area

Topic C: Area of Rectangular Figures with Fractional Side Lengths

Lesson 10 Objective:  Find the area of rectangles with whole-by-mixed and whole-by-fractional number side lengths by tiling, record by drawing, and relate to fraction multiplication. Homework due Tuesday

Lesson 11 Objective:  Find the area of rectangles with mixed-by-mixed and fraction-by-fraction side lengths by tiling, record by drawing, and relate to fraction multiplication. Homework due Wednesday
Lesson 12 Objective:  Measure to find the area of rectangles with fractional side lengths. Homework due Thursday
Lesson 13 
Objective:  Multiply mixed number factors, and relate to the distributive property and area model. No Math Homework due Friday

Khan Academy: Area of rectangular figures with fractional side lengths



Topic:  Poetry – Limerick

A limerick is a humorous, frequently bawdy, verse of three long and two short lines rhyming aabba, popularized by Edward Lear.
Edward Lear Home Page

Read Aloud:
Completed Haibun (Collection of five haiku under a single theme)

-for more precise words use rhymezone.com (synonyms)


-Independent Reading
Are you using your Multnomah County Library card?
April’s Genre: Science Fiction

-Book Study
Genre: Nonfiction
World Without Fish
by Mark Kurlansky






-Socratic Seminar
Exerpts from Silent Spring– Rachel Carson 1962

Principles and Ethics PDF (Toby Hemenway)
Theme: Building community through spaces and gardens

Scale Model of the Solar System
Exploratorium Scale model (size and distance)
Reasons for the Seasons
Distances measured in light years

にほんご 日本語:

yasashi nihongo
LESSON 1: watashi wa Anna desu.
LESSON 2: kore wa nandesuka.
LESSON 3: Toire wa doko desu ka.
LESSON 4: Tadaima.
LESSON 5: Sore wa watashi no takaramono desu.
LESSON 6: Denwabango wa nanban desu ka.

Friday, April 6 (1-60)
3.1:   右  円 王 音 下   

3.2:   気   月 犬 

3.3: 五 口 後  左  三 山  子 四 糸 

3.4:  上 森  

3.5:  生   夕    川   

3.6:  先  早 草 足 村      NEW

Kanji for copy and paste:
3.1: 一  右 雨 円 王 音 下 火 花 貝
3.2:  学 気  休 玉 金 九 空 月 犬 見
3.3: 五 口  左  三 山  子 四 糸 字
3.4:  耳  七 車 手 十 出 女 小 上 森
3.5:  人 水 正 生 青 夕 石  赤  千 川
3.6:  先  早 草 足 村 大 男 竹 中 虫 NEW

Kanji Jisho

3.7:  町 天  田 土 二 日 入 年 白 八 Thursday, April 12 (1-70)
3.8:  百 文  木 本 名 目 立 力 林 六 Friday, April 20 (1-80)