3.2: January 28 – February 1, 2019

By refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama, city bus in 1955, black seamstress Rosa Parks (19132005) helped initiate the civil rights movement in the United States.

We Shall Overcome Lyrics PDF

Important Dates:
31: K-8 Science Fair- 5-7 p.m.
18: No School- President’s Day
1: Read Across America Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s (Birthday March 2)
11,13,18,20: Taiko with Kazuyo Ito of enTaiko
23-31: No School- Spring Break
8: No School- End of Third Quarter/Teacher Planning Day
18: MAC Attack
21: Earth Day (Fifth grade in-school presentation, times TBA)
1: State Testing Begins, Math, Language Arts, Science
Opt out information
17: Winterhaven PTSA Carnival, 5:00-8:00
23: Japanese Garden Field Trip, 10:00-12:30
24: Field Day
31: No School- Memorial Day
6: School PicNic
7: Big Chautauqua, 10:00-11:00

Module 4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions 
Topic B: Fractions as division
Lesson 2 Objective: Interpret a fraction as division.
Lesson 3 Objective: Interpret a fraction as division.
Lesson 4 Objective:  Use tape diagrams to model fractions as division.
Lesson 5 Objective:  Solve word problems involving the division of whole numbers with answers in the form of fractions or whole numbers.

Khan Academy:  Fractions as division

Enrichment: Probability, 2-dice, and Yahtzee and decisions based on probability.

Science Fair
• Part 5 due on or before Monday, January 28, 2019Putting it all together…
Display board completed and turned in for judging.
Display Board Directions
SCIENCE FAIR JUDGING Monday, January 28 through Wednesday, January 30 

SCIENCE FAIR Thursday, January 31, 2019, 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Magnetic Fields and Magnetism work stations
Magnetism inquiry


The Watsons Go to Birmingham- 1963
by Christopher Paul Curtis 

  • Chapter 14: Every Bird and Bug in Birmingham Stops and Wonders
  • Chapter 15: The World-Famous Watson Pet Hospital

Independent Reading
February’s Topic: Autobiography/Biography of a positive change maker
Focus- Black History- February is black history month
Recommended Books:
• africanamericanhistorymonth.gov

Socratic Seminar
I Have A Dream speech & Letter from Birmingham Jail
What was Dr. Kings message?


Biography of a positive change maker
• influences and experiences
• message and plan
• positive impact on society

漢字 1-30 Quiz on February 1
3.1:   右  円 王 音 下   貝 review
3.2:   気  休     月 犬 見 review
3.3: 五 口 後  左  三 山  子 四 糸 字 new

• 一 one 右 right 雨 rain 円 yen, circle 王 king 音 sound 下 under 火 fire花 flower 貝 clam.
• 学 learn 気 air, spirit 休 rest 玉 ball 金 gold 九 nine 空 sky 月 moon 犬 dog見 look.
• 五 five 口 mouth 校 school 左 left 三 three 山 mountain 子 child 四 four糸 thread 字 letter.
• 耳 ear 七 seven 車 car 手 hand 十 ten 出 out 女 woman 小 small 上 up 森 forest

Lesson 16 – Families Part 1
The topic covered is one’s own and other’s families. Writing practice covers the hiragana: な、に、ぬ、ね、の、ん.