3.3: February 4-8, 2019

New Year’s Celebration
Lion Dance Competition, Kaosiung, Taiwan

Important Dates:
5: Chinese New Year
18: No School- President’s Day
1: Read Across America Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s (Birthday March 2)
11,13,18,20: Taiko with Kazuyo Ito of enTaiko
23-31: No School- Spring Break
8: No School- End of Third Quarter/Teacher Planning Day
18: MAC Attack
21: Earth Day (Fifth grade in-school presentation, time TBA)
1: State Testing Begins, Math, Language Arts, Science
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17: Winterhaven PTSA Carnival, 5:00-8:00
23: Japanese Garden Field Trip, 10:00-12:30
24: Field Day
31: No School- Memorial Day
6: School PicNic
7: Big Chautauqua, 10:00-11:00

Module 4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions 
Topic C: Multiplication of a whole number by a fraction
Lesson 6 Objective:  Relate fractions as division to fraction of a set.
Lesson 7 Objective:  Multiply any whole number by a fraction using tape diagrams.
Lesson 8 Objective:  Relate fraction of a set to the repeated addition interpretation of fraction multiplication.
Lesson 9 Objective:  Find a fraction of a measurement, and solve word problems.

Khan Academy: Multiplication of a whole number by a fractionK

Enrichment: Probability, 2-dice game, and Yahtzee and decisions based on probability.

Magnetic Fields and Magnetism work stations
Magnetism inquiry

A Different Mirror for Young Readers
by Ronald Takaki

  1. Introduction: My Story, Our Story
  2. Why a Different Mirror?
  3. Removing the “Savages”
  4. The Hidden Origins of Slavery

Independent Reading
February’s Topic: Autobiography/Biography of a positive change maker
Focus- Black History- February is black history month
Recommended Books:
• africanamericanhistorymonth.gov

Socratic Seminar


Poetry: Where I am from

• Where I Am From (Linda Christensen)
• Template and Samples PDF
• GeorgeEllaLyon PDF
• Where I am From Examples PDF
• Where I am from Poem- Renee Watson PDF

Biography of a positive change maker
focus: Black History Month
Biography Outline (optional)
• influences and experiences
• message and plan
• positive impact on society

漢字 1-30 Quiz on February 1
3.1:   右  円 王 音 下   貝 review
3.2:   気  休     月 犬 見 review
3.3: 五 口  左  三 山  子 四 糸 字review
3.4:          上 森  new

• 一 one 右 right 雨 rain 円 yen, circle 王 king 音 sound 下 under 火 fire花 flower 貝 clam.
• 学 learn 気 air, spirit 休 rest 玉 ball 金 gold 九 nine 空 sky 月 moon 犬 dog見 look.
• 五 five 口 mouth 校 school 左 left 三 three 山 mountain 子 child 四 four糸 thread 字 letter.
• 耳 ear 七 seven 車 car 手 hand 十 ten 出 out 女 woman 小 small 上 up 森 forest

Lesson 16 – Families Part 1
The topic covered is one’s own and other’s families. Writing practice covers the hiragana: な、に、ぬ、ね、の、ん.