4.10: June 3-7, 2019

Mr. Shaw’s Survey


3-7: Pechakucha presentations
10: Big Chautauqua, 10:00-11:00 (Parents welcome), *Scotties Pizza and a movie, Outdoor activity
* $3 donation per piece would be appreciated, (1 piece is 1/8 of a large pizza)
11: Osoji (big clean-up), School Picnic
12: Last Day of School


Module 6: Problem Solving with the Coordinate Plane

Topic C: Drawing Figures in the Coordinate Plane
Lesson 13 Objective: Construct parallel line segments on a rectangular grid.
Lesson 14 Objective: Construct parallel line segments, and analyze relationships of the coordinate pairs.
Lesson 15 Objective: Construct perpendicular line segments on a rectangular grid.
Lesson 16 Objective: Construct perpendicular line segments, and analyze relationships of the coordinate pairs.
Lesson 17 Objective: Draw symmetric figures using distance and angle measure from the line of symmetry.Khan Academy: Drawing figures in the coordinate plane

Pechakucha Presentations (Positive change projects)
• Six per day Monday-Friday


Independent Reading
June’s Genre
-Free Choice (Chapter Books)
Read Aloud
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis


Haiku and Haibun
Publish Haibun’s and post in hallways around Winterhaven

Fifth grade Rights, Respect, and Responsibility unit

Lesson 1: Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy
It’s important to note that this lesson uses more inclusive terms related to gender identity and biological sex, which is introduced in subsequent grade levels.

Lesson 2: Puberty and Reproduction
In this lesson, teachers will describe how puberty prepares human bodies for the potential to reproduce as well as the process of human reproduction with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation.

Lesson 3: Learning About HIV
This lesson is meant to define and help students identify different age-appropriate methods of HIV transmission, as well as ways to prevent it.

Lesson 4: What Is Love Anyway
This lesson defines sexual orientation.

Lesson 5: Being Clear With Your Friends
This lesson demonstrates positive ways to communicate differences of opinion while maintaining relationships as well as the importance of using refusal skills and how to walk away from a difficult and/or uncomfortable situation.

Lesson 6: Girls session with Amy Lacks
In this session girls will learn about mensuration cycle and hygiene and have their questions answered.

Ue wo muite
practice for big chautauqua
romaji PDF

うえ を むいて あるこう

うえ を むいて あるこう
なみだが こぼれ ないように
おもいだす はる の ひ
ひとりぼち の よる

うえ を むいて あるこう
にじんだ ほし を かぞえて
おもいだす なつ の ひ
ひとりぼち の よる

しあわせ は くも の うえに
しあわせ は そら の うえに

うえ を むいて あるこう
なみだが こぼれ ないように
なきながら あるく
ひとりぼち の よる

おもいだす あき の ひ
ひとりぼち の よる

かなしみ は ほし の かげに
かなしみ は つき の かげに

うえ を むいて あるこう
なみだが こぼれ ないように
なきながら あるく
ひとりぼち の よる