A Different Mirror

Genre: Non-Fiction History
(February & March)

A Different Mirror for Young Readers
bry Ronald Takaki

  1. Introduction: My Story, Our Story
  2. Why a Different Mirror?
  3. Removing the “Savages”
  4. The Hidden Origins of Slavery
  5. The Road to the Reservation
  6. Life in Slavery
  7. The Flight from Ireland
  8. The War Against Mexico
  9. From China to Gold Mountain
  10. Dealing with the Indians
  11. Japanese and “Money Trees”
  12. Jews Are Pushed from Russia
  13. Up from Mexico
  14. Blacks Arrive in Northern Cities
  15. World War II and America’s Problem
  16. Calls for Change
  17. New Waves of Newcomers
  18. “We Will All Be Minorities”