World Without Fish

Genre: Non-Fiction (Ecology)
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World Without Fish-
by Mark Kurlansky

  • Introduction : being a brief outline of the problem
  • chapter 1. Being a short exposition about what could happen and how it would happen
  • chapter 2. Being the true story of how humans first began to fish and how fishing became in industry
  • chapter 3. Being the sad, cautionary tale of the orange roughy
  • chapter 4. Being the myth of nature’s bounty and how scientists got it wrong for many years
  • chapter 5. Being a concise history of the politics of fish
  • chapter 6. Being an examination of why we can’t simply stop fishing
  • chapter 7. Being a detailed look at four possible solutions and why they alone won’t work
  • chapter 8. The best solution to overfishing : sustainable fishing
  • chapter 9. How pollution is killing fish, too
  • chapter 10. How global warming is also killing fish
  • chapter 11. Time to wake up and smell the fish.
    National Geographic: 10 things to save the oceans
    Fish-Game PDF

  • Masanobu Fukuoka’s Food Mandala (Eating with the seasons for sustainability)