American Revolution

American Revolution: Events Leading to War
The Road to Revolution 1754-1800: Khan
History: American Revolution

  1. Sugar Act- 1764
    The American Revolution Act of 1764
    The Sugar Act of 1764
    1764 Sugar Act
    The Sugar Act
    Sugar Act: Colonial Response
    Sugar Act-journal of American History
  2. Stamp Act- 1765
    Uproar over the Stamp Act: Khan
    Stamp Act- Fact, Reaction, & Legacy
  3. Quartering Act- 1765
    Parliament Passes Quartering Act
    U.S.History Quartering Act
    History is Fun
  4. The Sons of Liberty -1765
    Who Were the Sons of Liberty?
    Boston: Sons of Liberty
    Sons of Liberty- History of Massachusetts
  5. The Townshend Acts- 1767
    History: Townsend Acts
    U.S. History Townsend Acts
    Townsend Acts: Khan Academy
    Boston Tea Party: Townsend Act
  6. The Boston Massacre- 1770
    The Boston Massacre: Khan
  7. Boston Tea Party- 1773
    Boston Tea Party: Khan
    Boston Tea Party: History
    Surprising Facts
  8. The Coercive Acts- 1774
    The Intolerable Acts and the First Continental Congress: Khan
    Boston Port Act
  9. Lexington and Concord The Shot Heard Round the World– 1775
    Lexington and Concord: Khan
    History: Battles of Lexington and Concord

The Declaration of Independence 1776
The Constitution of the United States 1789