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“I don’t assign specific essay topics.  I want students to find their own passion.  When I control the topic, I take a huge chunk of learning away from students.  One of the most difficult tasks in writing is winnowing down our ideas to find the heart of what we want to say about a topic.  When students write for the teacher instead of writing out of a compelling need to speak out, the writing is often tedious, not worth writing and not worth reading.”- Linda Christensen– Teaching for Joy and Justice:  Re-imagining the Language Arts Classroom

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.  No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader.” Robert Frost

September: Personal Narrative: Memoir
October: Science Inquiry (Black Soldier Fly Larvae)
November: Creative Writing: The Lorax Returns (Systems Thinking and Mathematical Thinking)
December: Biography of a Plant
Key Words Botany, Botanical, horticulture
February: Biography of a Positive Change Maker
March: Imaginative: 25 years into the future
April: Poetry; Haiku, Tanaka, Limericks, Rhyming Poems, Humorous Poems
April: Positive Change Projects
May: Positive Change Projects (Pechakucha 20 x20)
June: Poetry Free Form

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