Habits of a Mathematician

List from Fifth Grades class of 2016-2017
updated May 23, 2017

  1. Grit- Don’t give up!
  2. Go slow and steady
  3. Take pride in your work
  4. Stay engaged and Focus (Don’t talk unless its about the math problem)
  5. Get help when you need it (Ask specific questions)
  6. Positive attitude (no whining or quitting)
  7. Clear your work space, relax, and get comfortable before you begin
  8. Be Calm
  9. Participate in and contribute to math discussions
  10. Persevere through challenges
  11. Habits are to be lived not merely memorized
  12. Attention to detail
  13. Check your work, revise as needed
  14. No erasing, draw a line through your mistak mistake
  15. Stamina- work continuously for the entire time
  16. Make sure you “get it” before moving on
  17. Be resourceful
  18. Be quiet
  19. Shoe Show resilience
  20. Be a team player
  21. The hard work you put in now will benefit you in the future.