In nature, nothing is independent; all elements are interdependent, and contribute to solving the needs of the whole system.

Permaculture- ethics, principles, and practitioners
Aquaponics- pH, nitrosomonas (nitrate), nitrobacter (nitrite), amonia
Botany- Plant Biographies; needs and yields
Entomology- Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Fungi- mycelium
Water- Bull Run Watershed
Solar Cycle
Solar System-Scale: Size and Distance
Ecosystem: Wolves, Beavers, Salmon as keystone species

Winterhaven School’s Permaculture Gardens
-Food Forest
-Native Plant, Bug, Bird Garden

Permaculture Focus Group/Experts Projects
• Botanist (green manure, cover crops, year round food)
• Insectary (pollinators and pest control)
• Soil (regeneration and maintenance)
• Seasons (solar angle, weather, water)
• Synergistic Gardening (companion planting and functional design)
• Cultivation and Harvesting (food for cafeteria and food banks)

Permaculture Web Portal
Portland Nursery 
One Green World
Bosky Dell Natives
USDA: Plant Database
Northwest Native Plants
U of O Solar Path Calendar
OSU Permaculture

Words from the wise…
“The yield of the system is limited by our imagination….” – Bill Mollison
“Observe Nature thoughtfully rather than labour thoughtlessly.”-Masanobu Fukuoka
“It should look as if it has always been like that, as if Nature had made it that way. That’s good design.” – Sepp Holzer
“It is not the number of diverse things in a design that leads to stability, it is the number of beneficial connections between these components.” -Bill Mollison
“You don’t have a slug problem, you have a duck deficiency.”- Bill Mollison

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DAVID SUZUKI: Nitrogen Cycle

Helpful Links…
Holmgren’s Essence of Permaculture PDF
Permaculture Design Principles
Hemenway’s Ethics and Principles
Fukuoka’s Seasonal Food Mandala
Bill Mollison’s Design Course Pamphlet
Portland Nursery Vegetable Calendar
Planting Schedule (from Oregon State University)
Portland Nursery Perennial Lists
Companion Planting Table (PDF)
pH Plant Preference List-meter
Salmon Cycle Link: David Suzuki


Science as Inquiry Web Portal
Science Fair Scoring Sheet (PDF)
5th Grade Science Inquiry Work Sample Template (pdf)
Science Inquiry Work Sample Scoring Guide (pdf)
Middle School Science Inquiry Work Sample Template (pdf)
2014 Intel NWSE Middle School Student Schedule (pdf)