KATU NEWS Green Living: Aquaponics

Aquaponic Gardening by Sylvia Bernstein

Section I: An introduction to aquaponics
1. What is aquaponics?
2. The global perspective
3. Home food production
Section II: The plan
4. Before you start
5. System location and environment
6. System design
Section III: The hardware
7. Growbeds and fish tanks
8. Plumbing
9. Grow media
10. Water
Section IV: The software
11. Fish
12. Plants
13. Bacteria and worms
Section V: The integrated system
14. Cycling
15. System maintenance

Murry Hallam
Jason Garvey

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Life Science: Aquaponics

  • Lesson One: Nitrogen Cycle: ammonia (fish), nitrite (nitrosomonas), nitrate (nitrobacter)
  • Lesson Two: pH, range and controls
  • Lesson Three: Potassium and calcium deficiencies
  • Lesson Four: Water
  • Lesson Five: Temperature
  • Lesson Six: Lighting
  • Lesson Seven: Plants and Increasing Yield
  • Lesson Eight: Fish
  • Lesson Nine: Venturi Breather
  • Lesson Ten: Pumps
  • Lesson Eleven: Tanks
  • Lesson Twelve: Medium
  • Lesson Thirteen: Composting system- black soldier fly larvae, red wigglers (Turning cafeteria waste into fish food)